Confirmation has been received that the Newbury Road railway bridge will be closed as from 30th January.

The official closure is for four months, with road closure until 4th May, followed by off peak closure until 4th June.

The existing bridge is being removed and replaced with a new one to allow the passing of higher freight trains with the work for Network Rail being carried out by Carillion Civil Engineering. The brick arch is being replaced with a concrete one.

A temporary pedestrian/cyclist bridge has been constructed adjacent to the works. This bridge will also carry the temporary service diversions such as telephone, electricity and water supplies.

Other traffic will need to take the signposted diversions via the A34 or the B3051 Kingsclere Road.
The plans show that the diversion signage will be ‘maintained on a daily basis’ with an out-of-hours call number being made available.

At the same time Taskers Bridge on Twinley Lane will also close with the diversion being via Priory Lane.
Again a temporary foot/cycle bridge is being provided and the alternative routes will be signposted.

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  • John Fox

    Those in the know can, of course, use Bloswood Lane, Hogdigging Corner and The Harrow Way as an alternative route to the A34. Hogdigging Corner isn’t the easiest of turns for anything other than light traffic mind you.

    I’m pleased that Twinley Lane is to be closed at the same time. Will prevent that delightful lane being carved up with through traffic. A definite plus, even if its going to further inconvenience nearby householders.

  • Stephen Randall

    I hope they dont demollish the bridge adjacent to the Main line bridge, as back in the 70′ s we filled it in with old Televisions ( back in the Wiltshire & Rimmer days ) for those who remember that far back!

  • Nick

    I’ve used the Bloswood Lane, Hogdigging Corner and The Harrow route – it is fine although it it is single track some of the way.

    I suspect some people will use this route at the official diversions via Overton or southbound along the A34 are unfortunately too long.

    Just be careful in the dark everyone.


  • Ruby

    Bridge adjacent to the Main line bridge?
    Which side is that and is it still visible?
    Presumably the bridge built for the never-completed junction with the GWR line.

  • soapworks

    I remember the TVs, cars, motorbikes and every thing else.
    I used to go and get the valves out of the old tellies to mend mine.

  • Nick

    Word of warning. I wouldn’t recommend using the Bloswood Lane, Hogdigging Corner and The Harrow route in the dark or bad weather. I did it Monday evening and it was pretty scary with the amount of traffic on the single track and the sharp left turn onto Bloswood Lane coming from the Harrow. To be fair there was a sign up saying not to use it as a detour.

    Luckily I don’t have to go into the office for the rest of the week but next week I will try the detour via Priory Lane in Freefolk (the turn by the Watership Down pub). Again I don’t believe this is an official detour – but the official ones – south along the A34 or via Overton are too far in terms of petrol cost.

    Of course if the numpties at Network Rail had done this work over the summer as they originally planned there would be less problems *grumble grumble*


  • Tim

    The de tour via Overton to kingsclere isn’t actually that different in miles or time especially if you live near the centre of whitchurch or have to go through it. I do it everyday to get to tadley at the mo better than getting taken out by a vitacress van on a icy road!

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