Faster Broadband for Whitchurch update.

Latest news on the installation of faster broadband for Whitchurch has today been received from BT.
Superfast Broadband Programme Director, Johnny McQuaid, writes:

“I am pleased to be able to advise that the extensive planning and survey work being carried out … has now been completed … and we are progressing to the build stage and installation of new equipment in Whitchurch.”

He went on to say:

“Fibre coverage is likely to reach and be available to more than 90% of premises in Whitchurch”, adding “I am continuing to review and finalise the Openreach plans over the next two weeks to see if we have any additional options to improve and enhance this service even further.”

There has been concern expressed that some important areas of the town may not be connected by BT into the scheme – this applies mainly to those premises which connect directly to the exchange, that is without the need to go through a kerb-side cabinet.

BT are arranging a meeting with the Whitchurch Broadband campaign team to discuss this and other issues as they move towards the ‘go live’ date.

Meanwhile the prize equipment for the Community IT Library is underway, but the location may depend upon the results of these “additional options” that Mr McQuaid mentions. The supply of the prize made to the Primary School for the extended Wi-Fi and green screen is also understood to be progressing.

Comments (3)

  • Rosemary Hardy

    I have a feeling that the Freefolk area of Whitchurch will be part of the 10% not getting the connection..
    This will mean we stay on snail pace….

  • Jeff Brickwell

    I think that the whole BT Infinity is a joke, we were meant to have our Exchange upgraded but instead we are getting a feed from Andover, this is not on.

    Yes certain people will have access to the Fibre optic broadband but the exchange in Whitchurch will still be just as poor and the people who are directly connected to the Exchange wont be receiving fibre optic speeds. Outrageous.

    The competition was a complete joke but then again it really doesn’t surprise me with BT

  • andy

    very little work is done in the exchange and the only reason we are getting a feed from andover is because whitchurch is not 21c enabled…this is the case in alot FTTC enabled places

    people who connect direct to the exchange can have upto 24mbit now from talktalk LLU and should get the full 24 ( i know it is not much of a choice but is better than 8mbit)

    people who connect via a cab but are far from the exchange might get faster speeds using adsl2 from talktalk or from bt when/if they enable whitchurch for 21c but will prob get no speed gain from fttc as the range of vdsl2 drops of quicker than adsl/adsl2

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