Reminders that 2012 is Jubilee Year are starting to appear.

Fireworks – displays – music – parties…

It seems there are a lot of plans and ideas being formulated for the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Holiday weekend which occurs in early June 2012, ranging from historical events and video productions to outdoor music events and parties.

At the moment how many of these come to fruition is anyone’s guess but some of the ideas are sounding very exciting.

The holiday weekend starts on Saturday June 2nd and runs through to Tuesday June 5th.

An early start
But celebrations are bound to start earlier in the build up to the four-days.
Friday evening is to see a Fireworks event being held on the Meadow, one of the town’s most important open spaces. This will be followed by the ringing of the church bells to mark the start of the official weekend.

A four day holiday
Historical talks are planned as are re-enactments and displays, including a video capturing these around the town. Bunting will be up and shops will be decorating windows.
Saturday could have a major music event, with a whole range of acts to cater for all tastes.
Sunday sees one confirmed event so far, with the Festival’s Pub Race starting at the Prince Regent at 5pm, finishing down at the Sports and Social Club. What an evening that will be.
Other pub activities will also be to the fore, with tentative plans of music, special menus and pub games.
Monday may see a major youth event on one of the parks, while there is the possibility of an activity with a more traditional focus on the Tuesday – we can say no more at this stage!
Most of these are still in the early planning stages and once confirmed will be added to the town’s Jubilee Diary.

List your events and activities

If anyone is planning events around the Diamond Jubilee please send them to the website and they can be listed.

Just forward to

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  • Keith Watts

    The Diamond Jubilee lasts all the year, we have already commemorated the Queen’s accession on 6th February.

    The Town’s success in achieving Queen Elizabeth II Field status for one of our open spaces will be celebrated in conjunction with a Jubilee Carnival on Saturday 7th July.

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