Walkers-Are-WelcomeWhitchurch applies to join the UK ‘Walkers are Welcome’ Town Network.


With support from the Town Council and local traders, the Whitchurch Association is pleased to announce the launch of Whitchurch’s bid to be recognised as a ‘Walkers are Welcome’ town.

The ‘Walkers are Welcome’ Town Network is a nationwide initiative that encourages towns and villages to be welcoming and attractive destinations for walkers.
The accreditation scheme recognises towns that make it easy for visiting walkers to:

  • Enjoy excellent walking opportunities in the surrounding countryside on sign-posted footpaths.
  • Stay in local accommodation and use the services of local businesses.
  • Plan their journey using local transport.

There are clear tourism/economic benefits to be gained through membership of the scheme. Increased awareness of the town and the beautiful surrounding countryside will potentially attract more visitors to Whitchurch, the increased footfall bringing useful benefits to the local economy. Membership also helps to ensure that footpaths and facilities for walkers are maintained in good condition, benefitting local people as well as visitors.

Spring cowslips on the Mill Trail near Whitchurch.

Spring cowslips on the Mill Trail, Whitchurch.

Kate Ashbrook, patron of Walkers Are Welcome and president of the Ramblers, says:

“Walkers Are Welcome has grown at an astonishing pace as more and more towns and villages have seen the benefits of accreditation and have come on board. Now walkers know that, if they see the friendly footprint logo, they are assured of a warm welcome throughout the town, and a good path network and waymarked walks round about. So everyone benefits – visitors, residents and the local economy.”

James Berresford, CEO Visit England says:

“On behalf of VisitEngland, I would like to recognise the fantastic work of Walkers are Welcome Towns Network and the national executive in encouraging a community led approach to developing towns and villages with excellent walking facilities. This initiative presents a framework for destinations to develop a coherent walking offer, that in conjunction with destination organisations can further grow the local visitor economy. VisitEngland looks forward to working with Walkers are Welcome in the future”.

How to show your support for Whitchurch
Please show your support for the ‘Whitchurch Walkers are Welcome’ campaign by adding your signature to one of the local support forms, which are currently being distributed to businesses and shops around the town.

‘Walkers are Welcome’ towns help to ensure that footpaths and facilities remain open and are kept in good condition so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful countryside on our doorstep. When you are out walking, if you find problems with paths, stiles etc on public rights of way, please report them to Hampshire County Council by logging the issues on their website:

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