The Minister of State for Children and Families, Sarah Teather, has announced that Whitchurch schools will get £19,000 to support children from disadvantaged families this year.

Commenting, Whitchurch Councillor Eric Dunlop said:

“Across England , pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are three times less likely to achieve five good GSCEs than their more well-off classmates.

“Education is the best way to end the under achievement of disadvantaged pupils through supporting children from early years straight through to secondary school.

“That is why the government have ensured that Whitchurch C of E Primary School will receive £4,880 and Testbourne School will receive £14,152 as part of the Pupil Premium. This is more than expected and will make an even bigger difference for our children.”

For more on this story click on this link (local B&DBC councillors website). The government programme is summarised at the Education Department website HERE.

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