This Sunday (tomorrow) is the annual Whitchurch Pub Race, when teams in fancy dress visit all the town’s pubs, raising funds for charities and good causes.
Please support the event and the hard work that has gone into it especially from the teams, the pubs and all those who have helped to put it on.
Please don’t forget that change either to help fill those buckets!

For full details we are very pleased to reproduce the Festival Committee’s own Newsletter.

Welcome to the 2nd Whitchurch Festival News


At last the Pub Race is here!
We have been working hard getting everything ready for this Sunday’s Pub Race and our Chairman Rob Dunlop has taken personal responsibility for this event and has even walked the race route in full again this last week. It was an exceptionally difficult route with him becoming stranded at the Prince Regent for most of one night. Once rescued we set him back on course the following evening!!

We now have 22 teams confirmed and there are still a few more to follow. The themes and costumes for the race could well out shine last years, and look out for The Beer Monster, not sure if he is after your beer or your money, not to mention the Fairies, Zombies, Musketeers, Communist Leaders, Gypsies, and Fairy Tale Characters, and one costume we hear has included welding?? Sounds heavy, so good luck!!

The following Teams are so far confirmed:

  • Jocky’s Horrors
  • 3 Musketeers
  • The Black Swan
  • Mile High Virgins
  • Super Spirits
  • The Masked Beer Drinkers
  • My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
  • Toy Story
  • The Beer Monster
  • Bam! Bam! And the Drinks are gone
  • Fairy Fantastic
  • We’re Bored, Let’s Drink
  • The Four 20s
  • Have I Got Booze for You
  • Top Gun
  • Snow White and the 3 Tarts
  • Qui-gon-jin and Tonic
  • Take my Breath Away
  • Leader of the Pack
  • You’re Gadda-fi Kidding Me
  • May the 4th Beer with you
  • Team kiss fist

The first team is due to leave at 5pm from the Bell Inn and will follow the course through to the finish at The Red House.

The final route for this year is:

Bell Inn
Kings Arms (via Longs Court)
Sports and Social Club (via Winchester Street)
Special Stop:
‘Harvest View’ (via Winchester Street, (opposite the Harvest Home),
This stop is c/o CAMRA – Campaign for Real Ale
(note: teams must only stop here AFTER they have visited the Sports & Social Club)
Prince Regent (via Test Road and London Street)
Special Stop:
Railway (via Lynch Hill Park and Station Road, stop is c/o Mobility Seating)
White Hart (via Evingar Road, Bellvue and Laundry Yard)
The Red House (via London Street)

There is no specific set time for the Race finish, and we do expect some teams to become distracted at their favourite pubs or take slightly longer than others due to their giant costumes, but the awards presentation will be at 9pm at the Red House.

The awards will be:

  • Best Costume
  • Most Money Raised on the Day (The ‘Bulging Bucket’ award)
  • Most Money Raised Overall
  • Quickest Time
  • Top Team Effort

The Weather forecast is not looking too bad, it’s likely to be cloudy and at very worst some light rain so fingers crossed.
Please take special care when driving through the Town that evening, as some of the teams maybe running in the roads. Please don’t be surprised if you are asked by the teams for a donation!
All money raised will be used to support the WHITCHURCH FESTIVAL throughout the year and funds will be donated to local good causes within our community at the close of the year.


Details of all Whitchurch pubs can be found at WHITCHURCH PUB GUIDE