The Whitchurch Pub race organisers have released their latest information on next Sunday’s event, along with the latest team list.
Will you pick your favourite to cheer?

We reproduce their Newsletter here…


The Great Whitchurch Pub Race 2012, Sunday June 3rd

5 Days to go, quick update!!

We thought you would all like to have a quick update on the Pub Race so far.
We have so far confirmed 23 teams/102 entrants entering this year’s pub race, and we are also expecting another 6 or so forms to be handed in over the next day.

We are pleased to announce the team names so far confirmed, so imagination is already working overtime!!

  • Team Kiss Fist
  • The Clown Jewells
  • Mario & Friends
  • T.W.A.T (team work always triumphs)
  • Brit Chicks
  • Beer Test Dummies
  • Hero’s
  • Villains
  • I’m sure they said Madonna
  • Stop Horsing Around
  • Whitchurch Wonderland
  • Saucy School Girls
  • Feed the Pony
  • Sheila’s Wheels
  • The Great British Ambulance Service
  • The Avengers
  • Les Femmes a’ venir
  • Jammin’ Jamaicans
  • Swiss Cheese
  • No Scrubs
  • The Ballonatics
  • Cheesy Cripps & Friends
  • Super Beered up Wannabes

The first team is due to leave the Prince Regent at 5pm with the presentations due to commence at approx 8.30pm at the Longmeadow Sports & Social Club.

The Great Whitchurch Pub Race is a fantastic community event and, as always, if you feel you’d be able to help out on the day with either Marshalling or counting (even for half an hour) then please contact us using any of the methods below.

Also, a final note to all who are looking to enter the Great Whitchurch Pub Race:
Please ensure your completed entry forms and entry fees are put into a sealed envelope and handed in to any of the local Whitchurch (Hants) pubs by Sunday, May 27th 2012 as any late entries may not be accepted due to demand.

or call Rob: 07920262078

See you all in a couple of days,
On behalf of Whitchurch Festival Association


And just for a bit more flavour here’s another video, this time from 2010.
Thanks Marcus from the town website team.

Comments (2)

  • Matthew Dowling

    we’re not on the list? entry was put into the football club a couple of weeks ago

    Editor’s note:
    We suggest you contact the organisers. Details in the article.
    They are usually very helpful 🙂

  • roy preston

    matt, you’re form was collected tonight

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