Team Kiss Fist 2011 - we await 2012 with interest!

This afternoon at 5.00pm Team Kiss Fist will be setting off from the Prince Regent to lead the way in the 2012 edition of the Whitchurch Pub Race. We have heard rumours of this iconic team’s entry this year; our anticipation is mounting by the minute!

A record?
To date there are 35 38 teams comprising 157 175 entrants, a possible record!
(updated 2.15pm)

The Route
From the Prince the teams progress via the Railway*, Bell, Kings Arms, White Hart, Red House, and the Harvest* to finish at the Sports and Social Club, where at 8.30pm Presentations will be made. (Special stops*).

Fund raising
This is one of the town’s major fund-raising events for local good causes, so pop out and support those taking part – and marvel at the wonderful array of costumes! And let’s fill those buckets!

The teams

  1. Team Kiss Fist
  2. Snow Patrol
  3. Lads ‘R’ GA GA
  4. Mario & Friends
  5. Les Femmes L’avenir
  6. Super Beered up Wannabes
  7. I’m sure they said Madonna
  8. Beer Test Dummies
  9. The Clown Jewells
  10. Feed the Pony
  11. The Avengers
  12. No Scrubs
  13. Clowning Around
  14. T.W.A.T (team work always triumphs)
  15. Brit Chicks
  16. Heros
  17. Villains
  18. Stop Horsing Around
  19. Whitchurch Wonderland
  20. Saucy School Girls
  21. Sheila’s Wheels
  22. The Great British Ambulance Service
  23. Jammin’ Jamaicans
  24. Swiss Cheese
  25. The Ballonatics
  26. Cheesy Cripps & Friends
  27. Lets Get Ready to Rumble
  28. Return of the Whitchurch Stranglers
  29. Dead Awesome
  30. Dead Beautiful
  31. The 3B’s
  32. Geeks With Sheek
  33. Team Darwin
  34. Greasy Bad Boys
  35. Team Toga
  36. Ugga Ugga Ugg!
  37. The Cheeky Gilps
  38. Los Ultimo Guerreros

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  • James Thorogood

    Afternoon all, Very quick update to this as there are 3 more teams!! Final entrant count 175…OMG is the general reaction to this.

    Rob and I have been round Whitchurch today and all the Pubs are looking most excellent. See you at the start and thank you Whitchurch!!

    36. Ugga Ugga Ugg!
    37. The Cheeky Gilps
    38. Los Ultimo Guerreros
    Editor note:
    Thank you for the update. Article above updated and re-circulated.

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