It began as a happy occasion, but for one family a childrens’ birthday party turned first into a nightmare then into enormous sighs of relief.

Young children played games, danced, and enjoyed the wonderful fun of celebrating their friend’s birthday on early Saturday afternoon, and many handed wrapped presents for the very special little girl.

The bag of individually wrapped gifts and cards were carried out to the parent’s car so they could be transported home, but in just a few minutes the black bag had disappeared, leaving the parents distraught.

But thankfully it all worked out well in the end.

Relief all round
A widespread plea went out on the town’s social media sites, and brilliant news arrived with relief all around.

By Sunday lunchtime all had been solved.
Someone had seen the bag, picked it up and had placed it in a bin – an easy mistake to make.

Be warned
But it highlighted a very serious issue.
In this case all ended well, but others have not been so lucky.

It is known that thieves actively look for parties of all kinds to target exactly this type of situation. It takes just seconds for them to lift the presents from vehicles or party locations. The period approaching Christmas is a time when risks are also much higher.

So if you are holding a party, whether it be for children or even a wedding, the message is clear. Be extra vigilant and take care.

Happy Birthday
Meanwhile the town website sends its best wishes to the birthday girl and her family and and is pleased their traumatic event has ended happily.

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