There may be delays to traffic on lower Newbury Street on Sunday October 7th as the Anti-Skid surface is reinstated on the southern carriageway as it approaches the zebra crossing.

Fast travelling lorry slams on brakes in the rain in Newbury Street today at School going home time (3.30pm 2.11.12) Click to enlarge.

Some residents say this stretch of road is well-known for its narrow pavements and that traffic travels too fast towards the town centre. When it is wet, as it was today, the problems are exacerbated. There are presently signs warning road users.

There are tales of motor vehicles and even a cyclist hitting the shops on the other side of the Square as they come down Newbury Street too fast and fail to stop.
If anyone knows details of these incidents the town website would love to know – use the Comment panel below.

Temporary lights
Temporary traffic signals are planned, so local residents are being asked to park elsewhere on the day.
It is expected that the work will take place between 7.00am and 7.00pm.

Further information
Further information can be obtained from the Hampshire County Council Operation Resilience team on 01730 263631 or email OPERATION RESILIENCE.

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