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The tree in the Conservation Area was topped in 2010; It later died.

A resident of London Street has been fined £465 for damage to a Yew tree located on land north of the Fairclose footpath. The tree was topped “poorly” in 2010 and subsequently died.

The topping was reported to the B&DBC tree officer on 19 June 2010. The fine imposed by the North Hampshire Magistrates’ Court was reported on 21 June 2012.

The tree officer at B&DBC stated,

“The tree has been topped, poorly, removing approximately 90% of the tree’s total material. The tree subsequently died.”

He continued,

“The work had a significant adverse impact on local amenity and court action was considered to be necessary. Prosecution is not common, I believe the last case was in 2000.”

Notification and permission is required for work on most trees within the town’s conservation area; otherwise, the work is considered to be a breach of conservation area controls under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


There have been other examples of trees poorly topped or cut down completely.

A tree at the Mulberry Mead retirement flats, run by Peverel Retirement, was cut down earlier this year without prior notification. After investigation, the B&DBC tree officer accepted their offer to plant replacement fruit trees nearby.

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A mature Sycamore used to grow near the bridge on Town Mill Lane. It was cut down in April 2012.

A large, mature Sycamore tree next to the foot bridge across the River Test on Town Mill Lane was topped a few years ago and was completely cut down in April 2012.

The tree officer said of that case,

“Permission was granted for the removal of the Sycamore in 2010. A replacement tree was not required, although the applicant has informed me that they do intend to plant a replacement tree further from the fence.”

Permission has been given to chop down ‘notable’ Sycamore trees at the site of the old library on Bell Street, but this has not yet happened.

Unfortunately, the Oak Tree planted in April in Daniel Park – now QEII FiT – in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has died. It is not known when a replacement will be planted.

The Yew tree near Fairclose was located at grid reference SU46095 47976. A photo of how Fairclose used to appear, in 2008, with the trees is HERE. Our article about the Oak Tree planting is HERE, and our 2011 article about the old library site’s redevelopment is HERE.

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