The Town Council is urging dog owners to be responsible for their dog’s mess, so that we can keep the town (and our shoes!) looking good.

A recent escalation in complaints to the Town Council about dog mess has once again underscored the need for people to pay attention to what their dogs are doing, and to dispose of their waste properly. That means wrapping the dog waste in a plastic bag and putting it in your home waste, or in a nearby waste basket – but not into someone else’s wheelie bin, only your own!

The Town Council is working towards imposing a dog order on the recreation grounds because of the mess issue. However, mess is being reported on footpaths and even some streets, too.

Cleaning up dog mess by the council costs every ratepayer in Whitchurch – money that might be better spent on, say, fixing the Town Hall clock.

The Town Council has asked that residents report the names and addresses of people who do not pick up after their pets. A complaint form, and contact details, are on the Town Council’s website. Their article about dog fouling is HERE.