Beat 5
Monthly Update for August 2012

You Said – Ensure drivers keep to the speed limits in and out of entrances to Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Priors.

We Did

PC Paula DEERY has completed speed enforcement at the entrances to Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Priors at various days and times during the month.

St Mary Bourne enforcement has been on Egbury Road between the hours of 7.15 – 8.30 am to slow down commuter traffic from Andover to Whitchurch.

PCSO Ben Howard met with the St Mary Bourne Community Speedwatch Team on 22nd August 2012. Speedwatch will be commencing soon in The Bourne Valley.

There have been three road traffic collisions reported, two resulting in damage and one a minor injury. The damage only collisions occurred in St Mary Bourne and Whitchurch in Winchester Road. On both occasions stationary vehicles were hit and damaged. The injury collision was on Egbury Road in St Mary Bourne involving a motor cyclist and a van.

You Said – Engage with the young people and tackling under age drinking and Anti Social behaviour in Whitchurch

We Did

There have been 6 reports of anti social behaviour calls in August that relate to juvenile nuisance – three more than in July. This was in The Rookery, Longs Court, Bell Street Car Park and Daniel Road. Groups of youths congregating in these areas have been spoken to by Police and moved on. Please contact us if youths are continuing to gather and cause a nuisance. Only one of the calls related to under age drinking.

PC Paula Deery, the Safer Neighbourhood and Rural Area car teams at Whitchurch Police Station continue to patrol areas regularly where there has been juvenile nuisance issues.

Regular patrols are carried at out The Skate Park, The Recreation Ground, The Millenium Meadow, the town centre and Longs Court, Bell Street Car Park on Friday and Saturday evenings on foot and in vehicles.

Overall, we have had quite a good summer. All the best to all the new pupils starting at our Schools in Whitchurch and St Mary Bourne.

You Said – Prevent burglaries to outbuildings (garages and sheds)

There has been two reports of breaks to outbuildings during the month of August, two more than last month.

These have occurred at a partially built property in Stoke and at Hirsts Scrap Yard in Hurstbourne Priors.

Power tools and lead were stolen from the property in Stoke and copper and brass from Hirsts.

There have been no reported breaks to sheds or outbuildings.

Regular patrols on foot and on bike as well as vehicles have been completed in the areas of previous burglaries. Current patrols will be in the area of the above burglaries.


There has been 12 reported crimes in the three Parishes in August. Seven more than in the month of July but that is still very low. July was an exceptional month.

8 in Whitchurch

Public Order x2 ( One involving a group of youths and several adults in the Town Centre but no complaints forthcoming and secondly a male banging on windows and cars was arrested and received a fine of £80.)

Assault – Involving a male and female, male arrested and bailed for further enquiries.

Theft – Purse stolen from top of a pushchair in the recreation ground.

Theft from Motor Vehicle – In Newbury Street, magnetic sign removed from stationary car by unknown adult male but found the following morning in Newbury Street undamaged and returned to owner.

Harassment – Male issued with Harassment warning letter.

Burglary at a property in Test Mews – person has walked through open door and stolen purse from handbag. Advice to all to secure all doors.

Attempt burglary in Daniel Road – No entry gained to address but door frame and door damaged.

3 in St Mary Bourne / Stoke

Damage caused to a field in Dunley where a vehicle has driven round in it.

Damage caused to a vehicle at Swampton Farm.

Burglary other – the partially build property in Stoke as previously referred to where power tools and lead were stolen.

1 in Hurstbourne Priors.

Burglary at Hirsts Scrap Yard where copper and brass were stolen.


Ben took part in the National Play Day at Testbourne School which was a big success where over 350 people attended.

Summer Streetz events have been taking place at The Gill Nethercott Centre.

PC Paula and Special Constable Paul Bushell patrolled the Car Fest event at Laverstoke Park Farm.

Ben will be holding the September Beat Surgeries at Whitchurch Town Hall on Tuesday 4th September from 3-4pm and on Saturday 15th September from 10-12 midday at the Recreation Ground in St Mary Bourne. Pop along and introduce yourselves to him.

Kindest Regards,

Paula & Ben.

PC 787 Paula Deery & PCSO 15070 Ben Howard
Safer Neighbourhoods Team
For the parishes of Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne & Stoke, Binley, The Wykes, Hurstbourne Priors & Tufton.

Contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 101
via Email on
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