The Police Report for Beat 5 – Monthly update for June 2013


You saidEnsure drivers keep to the speed limits in and out of entrances to Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Priors.

We did.

Speedwatch (St Mary Bourne) is still running smoothly and seeing a slight decrease in speeding motorists. However, they are in need of more volunteers to keep the scheme running, so if you know anyone that wishes to join the St Mary Bourne Speedwatch team, ask them to contact PCSO Ben Howard. PC Paula Deery has restarted some Speeding Operations in Whitchurch.

There were 3 reports of road related incidents. One was someone driving into another’s car and making off. There were heavy scratches to the victims car as well as a smashed headlight.
Another report was of an untaxed 4×4 in McFauld Way. The Council attended but by that time the vehicle had been removed.
The final report was of a vehicle parked touching another car. There was no damage to the car but this was a case of inconsiderate parking.

Parking is becoming a real issue in Whitchurch, particularly the area of Oaklands Road, Firsway and Winchester Road. A letter has been sent out to these roads, but there have been regular complaints from the Oaklands Road and Firsway areas. There will now be a final warning letter sent to the owners of the vehicles that failed to comply with the prior letter. If they still fail to comply we will start going down the ticketing route.


You SaidEngage with the young people and tackling under age drinking and Anti Social Behaviour in Whitchurch.

We did.

We are still engaging with the youth of Whitchurch, who don’t seem to be venturing out to the ‘hot spots’ anymore. The youth club tends to keep them occupied on a Friday night and Police presence in the town centre ensures there is no Anti Social Behaviour.

There was only one report of Anti Social Behaviour this month. This is a fantastic figure in comparison to last year, even with the summer days now upon us. This call was relating to 4 young females in Alliston Way Park, who were in drink and underage. They were being loud but there were no further reports.


You SaidPrevent burglaries to outbuildings (garages and sheds).

We did.

We are continuously patrolling the areas that are most at risk of burglaries in our attempt to deter the criminals from the area.

There were 3 reports of burglaries this month. One was of 3 males in a garage and shining a torch, another was of padlocks being cut to gates and outbuildings broken into. The last was a door being forced at a building site and a grass cutter taken.


We have had 13 reported crimes this month. This is a significant drop from last month which is great.

  • Drug Offence x1 – Cannabis warning issued to a male who was found in possession of the drug.
  • Assault x2 – One male was arrested for being threatening and poking the victim with some force in the face. Another male was arrested and charged for assaulting a police officer.
  • Burglary x4 – 1 male was arrested for entering a house and taking a digital camera without consent. 3 males arrested for conspiracy to commit burglary. A site was broken into and the doors forced. Unfortunately there are no suspects at the time. Locks were cut and an outbuilding broken into at a separate location. Again, at the time of writing, no suspects have been identified.
  • Public Order x1 – A male was arrested for making threats to life and threats to commit arson.
  • Theft x2 – 4 males were arrested and reported for summons for poaching trout on the River Test. A trumpet and its case were stolen from Testbourne, no suspects identified as yet.
  • Theft from motor vehicle x3 – These all happened on the A34, whereby lorries had parked up for the night and had diesel stolen. There are currently no suspects but ongoing investigations for these crimes.

On another note, PC Paula managed to retrieve £28 for pizzas that were maliciously ordered to another’s address. Extra Large pizzas with an extra red face for the culprit. Community Resolution was issued.


The Whitchurch Carnival that took place on Saturday 29th June 2013 had a fantastic turn out. Well done to all the organisers and helpers. PC Paula Deery helped out with the Carnival and interacted with the crowds. Due to PCSO Ben Howard being on holidays for the last 2 weeks, PCSO Paul Harrison took on the community events in Whitchurch and surrounding areas. He attended the St Mary Bourne Fun Run and the Fun Day at Whitchurch Primary School. The events were well attended and well organised. Congratulations to all.

Safer Neighbourhoods Team
Whitchurch Police Station


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  • Rob Rona

    I’m not sure where the police expect us residents of Oakland Road to suddenly make our cars disappear too, we are only parking in some areas because there is no choice. It is a solution that needs to be looked at rather than punishment by ticketing.

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