Last night’s meeting on the suggestion that Whitchurch cuts down on the use of plastic bags, learned of the latest news on progress towards this goal.

The group heard of tentative plans to hold a meeting for all traders and other interested parties, in order to demonstrate the advantages of becoming a plastic-bag free town. Plans are also underway to work with other local groups and organisations, such as the proposed new Business Association and Whitchurch GreenAware, as well as arranging surveys of local plastic bag useage.

Three plastic bag facts to think about:

  • A plastic bag is used on average just 12 minutes before being discarded, after which can take up to 1000 years to break down in the environment.
  • Plastic bags kill at least 100,000 marine mammals, seals, whales and turtles each year. Once the animal has died, often painfully, the plastic is released to kill again.
  • In the UK alone, over 200 million plastic bags end up littering our streets, open spaces, parks and beaches each year.

Further news on progress will be published here when available.

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