A group of students concerned about traffic outside their school have opened a petition calling for action to reduce the dangers being caused by drivers speeding.

The Testbourne students say in their Petition:

We are campaigning for road traffic calming methods on Micheldever road
We have recently noticed the speed vehicles are travelling up and down micheldever road and it is very dangerous. We understand how difficult it is to travel along this road anyway with all of the cars parked outside houses.
We feel by having a calming method along this road will reduce the speed of cars and make them more aware of their surroundings. Many young children need to cross this road to get to the primary school and the secondary school, we want to put parents worries aside and make sure their children get to and from school safely.
We as students have witnessed the dangers of this road and we fill the need to campaign for the safety of others.”

To support their call the Petition can be signed here:


Traffic speed is an ongoing concern in the town and its enforcement is the responsibility of the Police and Hampshire County Council.


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  • Lena humakti

    Very commendable. Will the students also include in their requirements the need to eliminate double decker buses reversing onto micheldever road due to insufficient turning space in the new bus bays and the stopping of teachers driving through the no entry signs between the 8:15-9-00 times? Fully agree traffic drives too fast on micheldever road but the school and those who agreed to an inadequate bus bay needs bringing to account before it causes an accident.

  • Kevin Lucas

    Hi Guys. Unfortunately a few years ago residents were stopped from parking outside their own homes at certain hours in the morning and then in the afternoons. As these times coincided with school drop off pick up times the request must of come from parents taking their kids to school. The natural carming methods of parked cars were taken out of the equation. So the road to school was now clear. Here we go. Those same people that obviously moaned to get the road clear need to go even faster to get their kids to school. The speeders are parents ! The drivers putting children at risk are parents dropping them same children off at school then hammering it back home putting others at risk ! You guys moaning about speeding traffic should really be educating your parents and talking to your friends parents about the issue. Being a resident of Micheldever Rd it never ceases to amaze and shock me at the speed the ‘school run parents’ drive.

  • Mrs m Cheek

    Yes that may be an answer to speeding drivers but I think some of the students of Testbourne should also be aware that there are cars on the road showing my age (remember the green cross code)

  • Christine Brown

    Has a resident of Alliston Way I am very well aware of all the chaos of volume of traffic on the school run every week day but adding to the mess is I crashed car on the corner junction!!It has been there for weeks and has been reported numerous times to police or other authorities and still nothing gets done. We have parents park on pavements outside our house everyday but tolerate it because we are also parents of grown up children and the world has changed since we had to walk 2 miles there and back to school> Lets all be less selfish and just wait in line for the traffic situation that isn’t going to change anytime soon to filter along Alliston Way to Winchester Road junction I’m not on Facebook so thought something posted here may get action for everyone Thanks for reading my concerns Christine.

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