The Wells-in-the-Field end

Local residents have presented a petition to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council requesting that a footpath be provided between Whitchurch and Wells-in-the-Field.
To date, this has been signed by 220 concerned people.

The section of road between Wells-in-the-Field and the Gables on the edge of Whitchurch is deemed by many to be too dangerous to walk along.

Norrie Johnston of Lane End, Lynch Hill Park, who is leading the campaign says…

“The paved footpath from the East side of Whitchurch at The Gables to the houses at Wells-in-the Field is incomplete forcing walkers to risk serious injury or worse by walking along the road. The alternative is to walk via the longer triangular route down into the woods and back. This route is often very muddy, overgrown, and of course very dark at night, so totally unsuitable for many such as single ladies or mothers with prams.”

The B3400 leaving Whitchurch

He went on to say…

“The need for this footpath has been recognised for decades but still nothing has been done because of the high cost of a full highway standard path. Lower cost options are available but need time and local effort and some cash in order to develop.”

Norrie has contacted the Council who have told him that Whitchurch does have £140,000 for footpaths, but that it is up to the town to decide what to do with the money.

There are several options from high grade pathways alongside the road to upgrading the woodland route.

The woodland footpath route.

One option could be to combine with a shared use cycle route as there are local campaigners who wish to develop a link from the Andover/Whitchurch area towards Overton/Basingstoke, although this may take a different direction from town, and consideration is presently at a very early stage.

To support the campaign, petition forms can be downloaded from HERE and when filled in can be sent to:
Lane End, Lynch Hill Park, Whitchurch, RG28 7NF.

Norrie can also be contacted by email HERE or by telephone on 07802 261532


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