Diversion route path 14Path 14 – Diversion Route Agreed with Developers

Whitchurch Public Rights of Way numbers 14 & 15 from Bloswood Lane to Cowdown Copse are currently subject to a Temporary Closure Order to allow for development of the Bewley Homes site behind Manor Farm. Originally closed until December 2019, this was recently extended to August 2021, or until buildings works have been completed.

P1060578Path 14 in particular is a very popular walking route and following discussions with town representatives, Bewley Homes has now agreed to install a temporary footpath from Bloswood Lane into the field behind Manor Farm Cottages, rejoining the official line of path 14 at the A34 underpass. The path is shown as a blue dotted line on the above map.

Access onto the path is currently via a stile at each end, but kissing gates have been ordered and will be installed asap. The company advise that it will be necessary to temporarily suspend access when the new road is put in, in a few weeks time, but otherwise will be available to walkers until work on the development is completed.

Path 15, which crosses diagonally from Bloswood Lane through Owsla Park will remain closed throughout, as it cuts across the middle of the new development site.

We would like to thank the following for their help in achieving this good outcome for the town; Borough Councillors David George & Chloe Ashfield, Town Councillor Andy Klemz, Whitchurch Walkers are Welcome, and Bewley Homes.

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