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The train station house is partially boarded up, and often a sign in the morning says the car park is full.

The flat above the ticket office in the town’s train station house is to be renovated and made useable once again according to the managing director of SouthWest Trains, Tom Shoveller. He said,

“The flat  is likely to be renovated next year [2013] so it can be re leased to a new tenant.”

The station house itself is not a listed building and it is outside of the town’s conservation area, so has little protection. At present, many of its windows and doors are boarded up.

There is a closed-off room on the ground floor which could be used as a shop but Mr Shoveller said, “there are no plans for a coffee shop at this stage.”


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There has been a suggestion to create more parking by developing the old siding which runs along the existing train station car park.

Mr Shoveller also commented on the car parking situation at the station, as the car park has been full by early morning on several occassions. He said, “We are aware that car parking is a problem at Whitchurch station mainly due to the limited space available.”

He added,

“We are looking into some options although there is unlikely to be any positive change in the near future as plans will need to be drawn up and funding approved first.”

One suggestion put forward by the ticket clerk, Kevin Durant, is to create an extra row of parking where the old siding used to be.

It is estimated that perhaps 20 more car parking spaces could be created if this were done, with room left for erecting additional, free bicycle storage facilities.



There is considerable bicycle parking at Fleet train station, for example.

The nearby ‘temporary’ car park is set to shut this summer with the expiration of its planning approval, which was received after the demolition of the Railway Inn pub.

The temporary car park has recently lowered its price to £4 per day – which now matches the increased price at the train station.

There is currently (free) parking along Newbury Street where the edge of the road has white lines – it is just a short walk from there to the station.

Barry Ford, Principal Engineer for Community Design and Regeneration at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council stated,

“white lines are simply to delineate the edge of carriageway i.e. they are not parking controls.”

Many people already choose to walk or cycle to the station, although parking for bicycles is extremely limited at present. Other stations, such as Fleet, have benefited from investment by the train company in new bicycle shelters last year.

The temporary car park’s planning application approval, and its conditions, can be found HERE and an article from July 2010 is HERE.

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  • blue fox

    Additional station security could be provided if the new tenant of the upstairs flat were to be a railway employee (there are at least 3 who currently reside in the town). Car parking would eased if Network Rail would establish a new car immediatly north of the station. The access road could also be used by the less able bodied amongst us who currently have to travel down the line to Andover if they wish to then travel up to Basingstoke etc! SWT and NR should be lobbied to provide an additional seat under cover on the up platform and seating under cover on the down(the bus shelter-style units @ Overton would be ideal.

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