The bend at All Hallows.

The Police have said that parking on a Sunday morning around All Hallows is ‘endangering lives’.

They have asked that the following statement be posted here:


It has been drawn to the attention of Police that parking around All Hallows church on a Sunday is endangering the lives of other road users. If parking does not improve in the area, Police may have to start enforcing tickets.
This has been addressed in several sessions at the church and still it has not improved.

If you are walking your dogs in the area, attending Sunday service or anything else in the area, can you please ensure you park in the appropriate manner, not on the corner and not obscuring the view from Wells Lane.


In separate news the Town Council had requested this same area be within the 20mph area.

The Council had called for this area of Church Street and the full length of Wells Lane be included within the forthcoming 20mph pilot scheme.

Hampshire County Councillor for Whitchurch, Tom Thacker, responded in writing to Monday’s full Council meeting:

“The pilot has always been intended as to be delivered in residential areas and is specifically not to be used as a traffic management tool.”


“I think many would agree that neither of the stretches in Church Street, nor Wells Lane, that the TC asked to be added in, fall into the common understanding of residential areas.”

Cllr Thacker also said a reason given for not contesting this was that “the whole TRO application would be thrown out and we would have to start again. I believe that there would be a real danger that the whole pilot would be abandoned were that to happen.”

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  • Tim

    Reference Parking endangering lives.
    I would suggest that the Church users parking in Bell street is just as dangerous.
    I cannot see that a 20mph has any relevance here, its thoughtless parking by Church users that is the issue. Somewhat ironic as they are in Church!!!!

  • Caroline Barber

    That’s a bit misleading, isn’t it? In my 4 years of attending All Hallows’ and living round the corner from it, I have to say I have never seen any car parked ‘on the corner’. Not even one of the crazier wedding parkers.

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