A dedicated team (of Basingstoke, Whitchurch and Hampshire representatives)  have been working on a number of traffic schemes throughout the town to produce proposals to improve safety, access and ease of movement for walking, cycling and driving.
One is around the Primary School area…

These schemes follow assessment of comments from residents, local councillors and other agencies and range from junction changes, crossing points, new footpath/cycle routes, and some parking controls.
They are currently being designed and costed by Hampshire County Council and will go to full public consultation early next year.

THE FIRST STAGE – some parking proposals
Today the first public consultation on the traffic control part of the proposed Alliston Way / McFauld Way scheme has been launched through Basingstoke & Deane, the parking authority. The parking proposals are a part of a wider scheme to make the access through to the Primary School safer, and to ease difficulties for residents in the area.

The main elements of the traffic control proposals include:

• No Parking along Alliston Way on the Rec side;
• A short No Parking section to assist passing on the housing side of Alliston Way (on the bend at the Micheldever Road end);
• No Parking on the junction opposite Rec Path with the no parking extended along Alliston Way to assist sightlines on the corner;
• No Parking on the (current) non-footpath side of McFauld Way to Sheppard Close;
• No Parking on the corners of Sheppard Close;
• No Parking on the first bend of McFauld Way near Sheppard Close;
• No Parking 8am – 6pm at two short areas adjacent to the ends of the McFauld Way garages.

Plans for these are available on Basingstoke’s website.

Consultation on these proposals close on 17th January 2020.


Regular safety problems in Alliston Way.

Regular safety problems occur in Alliston Way.


The parking proposals are part of a wider scheme in the area that will require construction works.

These include:

• A short pull in on the Rec side of Alliston Way to assist vehicle passing;
• Widening the footway along Alliston Way to create a Walking/Cycling route;
• A kerbside buffer area with dragons teeth to prevent vehicles being driven onto the Alliston Way footway (Recreation Ground side);
• Construction of the footway/cycle route along the current verge in McFauld Way;
• A possible level crossing point across Sheppard Close;

The route to the school will be made safer.

The route to the school will be made safer.

• A new route into the Primary School via an area behind the McFauld Way garages to improve safety and remove walking/cycling conflicting with vehicle movements in McFauld Way and the garage court access;
• A small possible parking area adjacent to the garages in McFauld Way (adjacent to garages on left as the bend is turned – grass currently churned up by vehicles parking or leaving road);
• Two additional spaces in the on-road parking bays in McFauld Way.

Plans for these will be out for consultation early in 2020 with works hoped for in Autumn 2020 into 2021.

Local Borough Councillor Chloe Ashfield has said:

Residents have long expressed road safety fears and frustrations with getting in and out of the area. It’s no surprise that a densely populated area between our two schools is a problem, and it’s impossible to find a solution to fit everybody’s needs. I have been working with Whitchurch Town Council and Hampshire County Council on a really ambitious project to improve pedestrian access around the primary school; involving London Rd, Daniel Rd, McFauld Way and Alliston Way areas.

Local Town Councillor John Buckley said:

The  Alliston Way/Primary School area is notorious for traffic conflict and there have been injuries to children as well as regular near misses. Driving on pavements and parking on corners and verges is endemic and it particularly causes danger to the most vulnerable. This scheme won’t please all but should make the journey to the school safer for all road users and ease some of the problems that local residents and people who need to visit the area face daily.

On-site meets
As well as the official consultation on the parking, there will be an opportunity to meet and discuss the wider proposals informally, with on-site meets planned after the Christmas/New Year break  – Watch this Space.

Whilst this is arguably the largest of the schemes that Whitchurch will see in the near future, work is continuing on other proposals to make the town a safer place for all.