The Trustees of the Parish Hall will be asking local residents to “dig deep” to support their upcoming set of renovations.

A grant to cover some of the costs of updating the Parish Hall was turned down by B&DBC in May. In the grant application, the Trustees reveal figures indicating that they are facing a shortfall of over £27,000.

The Trustees said in the July 2011 Parish Magazine:

Although monies have been raised through generous donations and funding, we still need to raise more money in order to complete the task and we will shortly be asking the people of Whitchurch to dig deep.


Meanwhile, the Trustees have been busy preparing a new constitution for the Parish Hall, a registered charity. They have submitted a version to the Charity Commission for approval, and included a draft version with their grant application to B&DBC.

There has not been any public consultation on the new constitution. Details of when it will be presented for approval by local residents has been requested from the Chairman and trustees, but as yet there has not been a reply.

The Charity Commission issued this statement:

The [Whitchurch Parish Hall] Charity is governed by a lease dated 6 August 1973. The First Schedule of the lease sets out the administrative provisions of the charity, this would include changes to committee, meetings etc. …

The Charity can pass a resolution to amend the lease but it cannot be wholly replaced by a constitution although the charity has the provision to make internal rules and regulations.

The Commission also stated that it is the responsibility of the Parish Hall charity to keep the list of trustees shown on its website up-to-date.

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The Parish Hall trustees are listed on the Charity Commission website HERE. Note: the names of trustees who resigned back in mid-March are still shown – see story HERE.