The Parish Hall trustees have been given a grant of £4,502 from Hampshire County Council, under their ‘Community Buildings Fund‘ scheme.

The grant, which was decided on 8 July 2011, is to be put towards the renovation work at the Parish Hall. The Hall was built in 1907 and may be closed during these modernisation works starting in September.

Specifically, the grant is directed towards replacing the floor, which is to cost £13,506.02.


Hampshire County Councillor for Whitchurch and Clere, and member of the Culture, Community and Rural Affairs Select Committee, Cllr Tom Thacker said, “I am delighted to see that of the c.£37,000 granted in this decision, c. £15,000 has gone to help three halls in my patch. East Woodhay (new boiler), Newtown (new loo block, including removal of asbestos) and Whitchurch Parish Hall (new floor).”

He continued, “I am keen to see that even in these times of savings, wherever possible, Hampshire County Council continues to support community buildings that might not otherwise survive. I am delighted that Whitchurch Parish Hall is receiving this support from Hampshire County Council.”


The chairman of the Parish Hall trustees was also contacted for comment but no reply has been received to date.

Last month, the Trustees announced that they would be appealing to local residents to ‘Dig Deep’ in order to fund the shortfall in funds for the renovations – see story HERE. This grant should reduce the needed sum to approximately £22,000.


In a separate matter, the Charity Commission have clarified that the proposed new constitution created by the Trustees “would not be referred to as a Constitution – simply a new Schedule.”

The Commission also stated, “After careful consideration of the matter the Commission is satisfied that although the Schedule to the August 1973 Lease remains the charity’s governing document, the trustees may amend that Schedule as they wish – subject of course to not significantly changing the charity’s objects.”

Adoption of the proposed amendment would need to be done at a General Meeting with “the necessary majority of those present and voting”.

A date for this AGM has not been publicised yet by the Trustees. Last year’s AGM was on the 12th October 2010 – see story HERE.

Note: The list of trustees for the Parish Hall shown at the Charity Commission is incorrect.

Update 08/08: added quote from Cllr Thacker.

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