The refurbished Parish Hall

Today will see the Whitchurch Parish Hall hold its first Annual General Meeting since its excellent refurbishment, which will also be a good opportunity for those who have not been inside to view the improvements, including the new lighting, kitchen and decoration.

The AGM starts at 7.00pm and there are a number of items that are being tabled for discussion.

With the Hall raising its profile in the town there is now more interest in how it engages with the local community and a number of ‘motions’ have been put forward to assist this.

These range from the date that the AGM is held, to a requirement that the Parish Hall publish their Minutes.
In addition it is being requested that the Parish Hall becomes contactable by email and that the Constitution be available online.

Such proposals are being made to move the Hall closer to the people of the town which should help secure support in the future.

The Agenda also includes Reports for 2010/2011, Adoption of Accounts and an opportunity for raising ‘Any Other Business’, before the Election of Officers.

All are welcome.

Update: see article about the AGM HERE.

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