Changes to the Parish Hall and its managing committee are afoot, as we reported back in October 2010: Ambitious plans announced at AGM.

Plans approved
The plan (HERE) for demolishing the rear addition to the Hall, and to replace the side windows, was approved by B&DBC on Friday, the 11th. B&DBC has stipulated that work must begin within 3 years, which is a typical condition attached to approval notices. B&DBC also require that all works, including treatment to the boundary, are to be made good and exactly match the original features, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Another change is to the Hall’s managing committee: Cllr. David Titcomb resigned from the Parish Hall committee last week. This leaves the committee without any town council representation. In the past, the council has contributed financially towards the Hall, but not in this financial year. Prior to the sale of the Hall in June 2010 there was uncertainty as to its future ownership and use of public funds at such a time may not have been appropriate.
It is understood that another committee member has also resigned.

A request for comments from Bill Judge, chair of the Parish Hall Committee has not been answered.

New Constitution
It is hoped that the new Parish Hall constitution will soon be available for consultation by the wider Whitchurch community.

The Parish Hall Committee bought the Hall last June for £50,000 from its previous owner, the church trustees, who said at the time, “[we hope] the Parish Hall Committee will work with others in the town with courtesy and imagination. They have the opportunity to be generous and creative in their use of the hall”. The chairman of the Parish Hall Committee, Bill Judge, said at their 2010 AGM that they would be reaching out to organisations in the town.

Serving the local community
The Hall dates from 1907 and was built to serve the local community on land donated by the Portal family, according to the B&DBC officer’s report about the planning application. The building was added to the Local List of Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest in 2009.