The Parish Hall holds a special place in the hearts of many in the town and it was encouraging to hear at its Annual General Meeting that the last year has been one of success.

Chilly outside but a warm welcome indoors
The Chairman, Mr Bill Judge, opened the meeting by welcoming those present for coming out on such a chilly evening before presenting his report for the year.

A wide range of activities
The Hall had seen a variety of events and activities ranging from wedding receptions and yoga classes, to performances by local amateur dramatic group WADS and the music festival Rockus. Bingo is remains popular and the regular films are attracting good audiences while events such as the Dominic Holland Show are arranged for Hall fund-raising. Mr Judge thanked those who supported the Hall and explained that it was “paying its way and will be sustainable”. While reference was made to changes in social behaviour brought about by developments in home entertainment, it was heard that the Hall had acted as a base for up-and-coming young bands that had gone on to further their musical careers in providing live performances.

Sound finances – but an exploding boiler
Acting Treasurer Rod Clark ran through the finances which showed the Hall to be on a sound financial footing. It was pleasing that there can been no disasters – except perhaps for an unfortunate incident when the boiler blew up – but that was was satisfactorily resolved.
Mr Phil Cooper questioned the Restricted Funds, which it was clearly explained, were a donation for an automatic opener for the front doors and that the Committee were still dealing with the matter.
The town website team expressed their appreciation that the Parish Hall was now adding material to the site’s diary and it is hoped that this cooperation will continue.

Committee elected
The Committee for the following year were elected as:
Rod Clark, David George, Muriel Hirst and Bill Judge.
Positions will be determined at the first Committee Meeting.

The meeting closed to informal discussion over a glass of wine.
It is good that Whitchurch has such a facility for the people of the area.

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