General Election Hustings

LtoR: Stanley Oram (UKIP), Rev. Kelvin Inglis, Sir George Young (Conservatives), Tom McCann (Liberal Democrats), Sarah Evans (Labour)

A well-attended, standing-room only, hustings event for the candidates in the upcoming general election took place last evening at the Gill Nethercott Centre.

Organiser Andrew Smith brought together the four candidates for the North West Hampshire constituency for a question & answer session chaired by Rev. Kelvin Inglis.

Questions from the floor were answered by all candidates

The questions from the audience were initially focused on issues relating to global poverty and international development, followed by ones on climate change; finally, questions on any topic were taken.

Somerfield shuts to remodel as Co-op

ARH20100412-1919-43400 (resized) Somerfield shuts

The Somerfield store is shut so that it can be remodeled into a Co-Op store.

The redesign of the Somerfield store (as per the approved BDB/71805 application) is to start at 5pm next Monday, the 12th April 2010.

The store will be shut until the new Co-op is opened at 9am on Thursday, 6th May.
The layout of the store will change with new check outs and entrance area.

There may be some real bargains in the store as they get ready to close!

General Election Hustings

Whitchurch is to have its own hustings for the forthcoming general election. All the main parties have been invited to a hustings to be held at the Gill Nethercott Centre on Tuesday April 13th.

The Age of Stupid

Top environmental film The Age of Stupid came to Whitchurch last night, when an attentive audience viewed the screening in the Testbourne Theatre as part of the first Whitchurch GreenAware Week.

Tree-Mend-Us !

The morning dawned bright and sunny, for the second day of Whitchurch’s first GreenAware Week.
Whitchurch Arts and Sustainability Forum supporters met on the Millennium Meadow…

Green Fair Success

Mayor Vince Bradbury opened the town’s first Green Fair in the Gill Nethercott Centre, by complimenting the groups that had come together to make it possible. The day buzzed as….

Business Link: Meet, Greet & Prosper

The Lights, Andover – 17th March, 8 – 10.
Most good businesses attract new customers by word-of-mouth, but all too often, new customers are just a happy accident. Very few companies have a process or even a plan to encourage these valuable referrals