Community 1 smSupport for the community group set up for anyone self-isolating for the Coronavirus has been overwhelming.

An incredible 600 people came forward over the weekend to join the group, that was only launched on Friday morning, while the town website article reached over 7000, spreading the word about the help available.

Local resident Fiona MacDonald, who coordinates the small team of backroom core volunteers and acts as the main driving force, so aptly said:

3 days. 3 flipping days!
In 3 days we’ve got leaflets being printed and delivered, we know who our DBS cleared residents are, we’re linked in with the surgery and other care groups, we have a dedicated phone number and so much information shared.
WHITCHURCH – give yourself a bloody great pat on the back – this is community in action in the most beautiful way. Stay safe, look after yourselves, those you love and let’s continue to keep on eye on those who might need a little extra help.”

Leaflets are being delivered by over 50 volunteers around the town and there is a dedicated phone number – the ‘bat phone’: 0740 703 2131
(thank you also to Paynes for the printing, to Katherine Brown for coordinating, to the Methodist Church for a central drop point and to all outlets for distribution),

So, if you need shopping, an errand run, or even a loo roll – there are local Whitchurch friends and neighbours who have volunteered to help.
And if you can provide support to anyone, however small, it would be welcomed with open arms.
We are all in this together in this emergency and we all need to help each other.

0740 703 2131
Or message the Facebook page:

A4 Community Support Poster
and A5 Community Support Notice


Support Poster