Television from the 50's.

From old buttons, badges and photographs, to ration books and gas masks, items of both historical and personal value were collected together at the Gill Nethercott Centre.
There was a television, old film cameras, handmade nails and old cycle lamps too, including one with a black-out cover. In fact many items came from wartime years, but fittingly there was also a Coronation mug and a Commemorative plate, depicting the new royal couple in 1952.
And of course there was an OXO tin!

Old cycle lamps.

Local residents had been asked to bring along anything that reminded them of the time when Princess Elizabeth visited Whitchurch in 1949, but in practice the era covered was much wider as attics, drawers and even sheds were searched.

From old phones to Coronation mugs of 1952.

Recollections came flooding back too as people who saw some of the items on display then rushed home to find something related, having had their memories jogged.

As organiser Graham Burgess said:
“It is wonderful; we are getting the sorts of things people remember from that time.”

Graham Burgess discusses old photographs with the Mayor and Mayoress.

The collections were being logged and photographed and will make part of a display in the Centre on 2nd June, the Saturday of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Holiday.
In addition they may be included in a film of the history of Whitchurch which Graham is also producing.

It is also hoped that some of the items may also be displayed in various locations around the town.

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  • The Mayor and Mayoress

    Well done Graham. Sandra and I really enjoyed looking at the things folks had brought down for display. We realised that we also have things that should be brought for the next display.
    Barry and Sandra.

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