You can still sign the online petition, which says:

“We call on the Council to vote against the Revision Decision Notice to Item 13 on the Local Plan Housing Allocations and reinstate the following as the Original Papers: 1) The allocation of 350 homes in Whitchurch over 15 years in the proposed Local Plan AND NOT increase it to 550. 2) The location of dwellings in the later phase of the plan to be decided through “local determination” i.e. Neighbourhood Planning AND NOT take away our right to a say in the future of our community.”

Just follow the link: Whitchurch Housing Petition

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  • Allan Vaughan

    I am delighted that the Town Web site is hosting this appeal. It is essential we get as many signatures as possible to force the Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council listen to the views and concerns of our Community. Whilst the Government may have a strategic housing policy I am sure that as proponents of Localism they would not want this additional increase in housing without proper consultation and consideration of the impact on Whitchurch and particularly the infrastructure of the Town.

  • Noel Privett

    We are now up to 130 signatures.

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