The Parish Hall Market moved to Saturdays in April.

The newly elected secretary of the Parish Hall, and its Market representative Phil Cooper, has announced on his website that the Saturday market held at the Parish Hall will be moving to Friday mornings with immediate effect.

The Country Market at the Gill Nethercott Centre is already on Friday mornings, coinciding with the Friday opening of the Library. Working together helps each facility.

Many will remember the ‘Battle of the Markets’ two years ago when the Parish Hall went head to head with the Country Market. In April the Parish Hall moved to Saturday mornings but now it seems the same is again happening and both will be competing not just on the same day but at exactly the same time too.

Many products were on sale at the Parish Hall market on Saturdays.

The Parish Hall Secretary has been asked for a comment.

However the statement on the website said, “Since the repair and, more recently, the refurbishment of the [Parish] Hall, the old regulars have asked frequently if the market could move back to the day on which they traditionally shop.”

The Whitchurch Country Market is held Friday mornings in the Gill Nethercott Centre.

The statement continued, “So from this Friday at 10am, the ‘Parish Hall Market’ will be back.”

The Parish Hall website still shows the event being on Saturday.

The Basingstoke Gazette headline for 8 January 2009 was Rival markets set to trade in Whitchurch.

The Whitchurch Country Market is held Friday mornings in the Gill Nethercott Centre – see HERE.

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  • Chrissie Ferngrove

    I hope you all enjoy these markets – I can’t get to either because I’ll be at work. Now, a Saturday morning I could have done … never mind!

  • mary holland

    Why cant the two markets come together as one big market?. I think this would be far better and would make it much more attractive to potential stall holders.

  • climo

    What a daft idea to hold a rival market and especially at the same time! It’s petty politics.

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