The Olympic Torch Relay will circle around Whitchurch on Wednesday 11 July 2012. It will pass through nearby Newbury, Basingstoke, Kings Worthy, Winchester and Andover. Send us your photos for a later article if you see the relay –

Note: there are many road closures in each town, so using public transport and your bicycle or feet might be the best travel option.

Be aware that there is a tight security “bubble” around the torch bearer – the nearby MET police runners will take action if you try to enter it, whether you be walkingon a bicycle or streaking!

Local route information – click on town name for details (note that the torch is carried on a bus between the main towns):






(Start: 10:58am; Finish: 11:18am)

(Start: 12:29pm; Finish: 12:50pm)

(Start: 1:14pm; Finish 1:19pm)

(Start: 1:19pm; rest-stop: 2:07pm-3:09pm; Finish: 3:12pm)

(Start: 4:14pm; Finish: 4:47pm)

The official website – click: London 2012 Torch Relay

The live video stream: BBC Torch Relay

The torch relay starts its day no. 54 in Reading. It finishes in Salisbury with an evening party.

Unfortunately, a local campaign last year to bring it through Whitchurch was ultimately unsuccessful (see HERE). The relay for the 1948 Olympics did pass through town, though.

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  • Bonnie Stevens

    i saw the 1948 torch when it came thru hurstbourne priors

  • mary holland

    Cant believe that the Torch relay is going through KIngs Worthy which as far as I know isnt all that big a place { I am sure someone will correct me if if I am wrong} and yet Whitchurch was unsuccessful in its campaign.

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