Up to six community awards plus a special youth award are given out by the Town Council each year.

The Whitchurch Town Council have announced that nominations for the Whitchurch Annual Community Award is now open. Nomination information must be received by the clerk to the Town Council before 30th January 2012.

The Award is given out every year to a maximum of six winners only. A special award is given to a youth. The town council solicits and collects the nominations and an independent body decides upon the winners.


The clerk stated, “If you know of someone, or a group of people, who by their selfless actions benefit local individuals, or the Community as a whole, please let the Town Council know. There is also a special Youth Award which is given to young people who have achieved or inspired others in the course of their activities.”

Earlier this year, the 2011 awards were given to: Val Newall who runs The Whitchurch Barbers and visits the homes of housebound and terminally ill people; Beth Wright who worked tirelessly to encourage us to protect our environment; and Jean Watts who was a Governor at Whitchurch C. of E. Primary School, and an active member of the Whitchurch Design Statement team as well as being a trustee of the Whitchurch Association registered charity (which oversees this website).

Jordan Lucas received the special Youth Award in 2010 from the then mayor, Cllr Bradbury.


In 2010, Jordan Lucas – our local tumbling champion – won the special Youth Award for his exceptional sporting achievement.

This is your chance to have those special people who help make Whitchurch the wonderful community it is recognised publicly for their selfless and often unseen efforts.

Details on the awards and how to nominate someone from our community is on the Whitchurch Town Council’s website HERE.

A article about the 2011 winners is HERE; and one about the 2010 winners including Jordan Lucas is HERE. The Town Council website is http://WhitchurchTownCouncil.org.uk

You can watch Jordan do some tumbling HERE.

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