OWR 12 P1080291The wonderful Overton Wheelbarrow Race is always a good opportunity for an expedition over the hill, some might say with tongue firmly in cheek, into enemy territory. The rivalry between the Town of Whitchurch and the village of Overton is well-known and the subject to much friendly banter.

OWR 02 P1080278Last Friday’s Race was one of the excellent regular community events that the lively Overton community organise and despite the rain the streets were packed with crowds all out to enjoy the colourful spectacle.

OWR 05 P1080306_From the Hogwarts train to the Minions the teams moved through the town, visiting the pubs and shaking their buckets, raising funds along the route. The fun continued from The Greyhound to the Old House at Home, the Stute, the White Hart and to the Red Lion, before finishing at the Recreation Club for music and a fine array of real ales from several local breweries.



But what was this?
Trump and his entourage of bodyguards swanked through the streets proclaiming “Build a Wall – Keep Whitchurch Out”.
Come on now – what’s all this about!

OWR 07 P1080300Sorry, Mr Trump but you need to check your facts before coming over here and such issuing such wild fake tweetchery – your strategy is all wrong. “Fake News Fake News”.
There is a fundamental flaw in your knowledge of foreign relations.
Whitchurch has no intention of invading Overton – EVER.
You are VERY much welcome to Overton for yourself 😉
You could even take it home with you when you leave to join that London Bridge the US bought.

Any banter here is wholly intended with an aim of friendship and a knowing wink.

John B