Works are now programmed in preparation for the resurfacing of Newbury Street as part of Hampshire County Council’s Operation Resilience.

HCC say this is a shift from reactive to planned maintenance which they believe will be more cost effective in the long run, making roads more resilient to the effects of extreme weather and increasingly heavy traffic.

From Monday 19th March works on gully and cover replacements together with some minor kerb work will be undertaken from the junction with London Street to King’s Walk.

HCC say:

This work is expected to last 5 working days, during which time it will be vital that vehicles are not parked in the areas denoted by ‘no waiting cones’ and ‘no parking signs’, as this will seriously hamper the progress of works.

The main resurfacing works will follow later. This is likely to be 10th – 13th, and the 15th April, which will involve the closure of Newbury Street with access being limited. In addition on Sunday 15th April London Street will be closed.

Further details are awaited.

Comments (3)

  • Bev and Barry

    OK so it badly needs doing, but couldn’t it wait till we have ‘our’ bridge finished.

  • Straight Talker

    Surely Bev & Barry, it is better to do it whilst there is minimal traffic using the road! When the bridge re-opens, the immense flow of traffic will make it impossible for the workers to do it quickly and safely!
    I say it is good timing.

  • Tim

    I’d say that the biggest problem with doing it whilst the main bridge is closed is the question of how you maintain access for large goods vehicles to the Industrial Estate. Given that the recomended route from the A34 (over the railway bridge) is already closed, I wonder if that’s been properly considered?

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