Whitchurch’s town website now has its own Twitter account – @WhitchurchHants and its own Facebook account – WhitchurchHants


If you use Twitter, you know what to do. If you are new to the world of Twitter or have maybe heard Radio 4 presenters wondering what it’s for, why not find out yourself?

Here’s a good introduction to Twitter – there are many more. The official guide is here

Why does Whitchurch need a Twitter account? Twitter lets the team behind the town website, the Town Council and other organisations let you know about important things happening in the town right now. For example, if a road is closed, or an emergency occurs, the authorities (or elected/involved locals) can get the word out very quickly using Twitter. The recent New Zealand earthquake proved that in time of emergency Twitter is far, far better at distributing information to society than radio, TV or other media. Indeed, for the first 6 hours of the earthquake the locals affected, NZ’s and the world’s news media relied on photos and text from people using Twitter to find out what was going on. when things break or go wrong it happens to ordinary people first. If those people are empowered to share rapidly and easily with others everyone benefits.

But it’s not just about emergencies. Reminders and news about planned events, and reports afterward are all good reasons to use Twitter. Many councils, major companies and organisations like Basingstoke, TfL and The Mayor of London run Twitter accounts to keep people updated and to allow them to engage in dialogue with those they serve.

So please follow @WhitchurchHants – we promise not to spam you, to keep you up to date and to help out with any questions you may have. Also please let us know any news or important info you think other Whitchurch residents might need to know.


Many locals and local businesses already use Facebook, so the @WhitchurchHants Twitter account is linked to the WhitchurchHants Facebook account.  So if you are a Facebook-only person you won’t miss out, plus Facebook offers different opportunities beyond 140 characters for the team to share information and engage with the world. And we promise – no Farmville 😉

So follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and always be in the know for town events, news and critical information.