Two new noticeboards for advertising community activities are being installed in the town.

Down at the Gill Nethercott Centre a new board has been ordered to be placed outside. This is part of the SEEDA funding provision for the town and will be a welcome addition for all those who run events or provide services to the town. Hopefully it will act as a replacement to the ad hoc use of the fence which can sometimes look quite tatty.

In the past some groups have complained that their notices have disappeared from the fence, so this will also help resolve that issue too. The board will be both weatherproof and lockable so that posters and notices will be protected.

Site for the new notice board

A passenger reads a poster on the new community notice board installed at the train station.

Meanwhile up at the Railway station, another great initiative by Station Master Kev has seen a new board appear on platform one which can also be used for community events.

Just call into the ticket office for details of how to have material included.