The Whitchurch Town Plan, which was originally funded by the SEEDA grant for the town, has now been updated with much more information than previously.

Covering the centre of Whitchurch, it shows most ‘public’ facilities which will help visitors to the town find the essential services.
Newly added features include internet access, cycle parking and the town’s electric car recharging point.
Key contacts are also listed as are the town’s key websites.

A useful addition following user feedback is a locator map showing the railway station, the industrial estate and the schools, as well as directions to neighbouring communities.

The Map is available for download from:
It is also planned to have a copy at the new noticeboard outside the Gill Nethercott Centre car park.

A leaflet about the town is also in preparation aimed at attracting more visitors.

Note that due to copyright at the moment the latest version is not directly available from other websites, although they are welcome to link to the original here.
This also avoids out-of-date versions being available.