An old orange lamp, to be replaced.

The town is to have new street lighting next year.

In a presentation to the Town Council by Hampshire County Council’s Julian Higgins, it was announced that every light is to be renewed.

Mr Higgins, explained that where the lamp post is over 15 years old, the whole structure and lamp would be replaced, while newer lamp posts would remain but still have a new lamp head installed.

Lamp with old concrete standard near the primary school.

In residential areas there would be a ‘white light source’ which would provide better colour rendition on the highway and be more energy efficient, while those on main highways would have a light with a slight ‘orange tinge’. Light throw would be improved too, with 5-metre columns being replaced by 6-metre ones.

The new lights, which are expected to be installed around May next year, will also have ‘dimming technology’ and will reduce in output by 25% after midnight, which should result in a reduction of 30 – 40% energy saving.

It is expected that all the work would take around a month, and while there will be some disruption it should not be excessive. Mr Higgins said he did not expect work to take any longer than 10 days per street and many would be done much quicker.

For full details of the works see the dedicated website:
Lights on in Hampshire

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  • blue fox

    It would seem that rather than “new” lighting for Whitchurch, it would be more accurate to call it “upgraded” or “replacement”lighting. It is a shame that the project does not appear to incorporate a review of the town which would reveal certain areas where the installation of new street lights would be desirable e.g. the London Road end of Test Road; adjacent to the car park entrance to the social club off Winchester Road; opposite the Prince Regent on London Road; between Wells in the Field and the turn for the Watership Down. I`m sure readers can think of other sites that are worthy of consideration.

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