Park View signPark View, off Wells Lane, has its new Play Area at last as today the new facility  was pronounced “officially open”.

As soon as the contractors had left, the local children took over, with wide grins and the sounds of happy laughter ringing across the park.

The new housing development was finished last October, and local residents became concerned at the lack of progress on the play area, especially as over £60,000 had been set aside by the developer for the community facilities.

Last month the main landscaping was added, but by the month’s end the long awaited equipment was still not complete with a growing concern that the summer would be over before the children could have their play.

Local resident Nick O’Brien has been lobbying Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council hard, with the support of local Borough Councillor Keith Watts and others. Today their persistent work gained its rewards as the contractors tightened the last bolts and checked it all over.

The equipment was completed – slides, swings and climbing frames in versions for both children and toddlers, all surrounded by a safe surface for those little inevitable tumbles – all part of the enjoyment.

There are also seats and picnic tables, rubbish bins, and there is even a cycle rack.

Park View at last has its Play Area and the children can at last have their fun.