The new Newbury Street surface outside the Town Hall and White Hart

Whitchurch has a renewed Newbury Street from The Square up to Kings Walk after road crews dug up the old road surface and laid a new one this past weekend. However, bridge work continues to prevent motor vehicles from travelling in or out of town from the north. A complaint has been lodged, too, about the height of a similar bridge.


The bottom half of Newbury Street was closed to cars but people walking or on bicycles could still pass through. Crews stripped off the old road surface down to the foundation concrete before building up the new one in several layers, starting with a rubber underlay that should help make the road last at least 10 years or more.


The old surface had deteriorated to the point that it became quite dangerous for people on bicycles to cycle down into town. The new tarmac surface, although with a slight bump near Oakland Road, is much better – and helps make Whitchurch a better #CycleSafe location. Cars should benefit too.

The works were part of Hampshire County Council’s Operation Resilience.

White blocks add height to the top of the new bridge over the railway.


The new bridge over the railway line is nearing completion, with what appears to be just the top road surface to be put in place. Signs near the works indicate completion in May.

A complaint from a resident of Southview Cottages – near a similar new bridge there – about the height of the bridge was discussed at last night’s meeting of the Whitchurch Town Council’s Development Committee. The resident told the committee that the bridge appeared to be higher than the plans stated they would be – this, they said, caused an access issue.

Update: It is understood that the higher bridge means the road surface is higher than with the old bridge, which makes access into the road leading to the cottages different to what the plans stated.

B&DBC Cllr Keith Watts, who was at the meeting, said that he would take the matter to the B&DBC planning enforcement team for investigation.

Network Rail told this website in November that “unfortunately the bridge parapets will have to be higher to meet current regulations for vehicle impacts.”

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  • lyn fuoco

    I did hear someone in the Watership down complaining about the height of the bridge a couple of weeks ago still you cant please all the people all the time

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