Over 40 residents met in the Gill Nethercott Centre last night to hear how they can influence future housing development in Whitchurch.
The New Homes Engagement Meeting was opened by Town Councillor Barry Jackman who explained the need to have input on the future growth of the town. The presentation was then made by Whitchurch’s Borough Councillor Keith Watts who explained that Basingstoke Council wants to understand local housing needs as plans are to be formulated up to 2026. It was an interesting talk that had the audience listening intently.

Keith explained that there are presently 111 households on the Housing Register assessed as in need of accommodation in the town. Of these 41 require 3-bed accommodation to rent, while the next largest need group is for one-bed flats. these do not include local people who want to buy homes in Whitchurch and is in addition to any others who may wish to move here.
The pressures for Whitchurch to expand are large, but what do local people think on this?

With six local town councillors present the well-run meeting also touched on such issues as house numbers, infrastructure, infill sites, traffic and the old Library and Railway Hotel sites.

For those who could not attend, the presentation is available HERE.

There are also information fact packs online at BASINGSTOKE NEW HOMES, which include population facts and figures for different parts of the borough, together with more detailed background information and an online survey.
Whitchurch is included in the South West Parishes area.

NOTE: There is also a special additional questionnaire specifically relating to Whitchurch needs.
This can be accessed HERE.

The importance of residents responding on local needs by 14th January was stressed.

You can also contact our Borough Councillor, Keith Watts, telephone 896969, email cllr.keith.watts@basingstoke.gov.uk