Come on through! This 80 year old door has seen many people pass through to purchase tickets - which well-known ones do you think?

In an unexpected development, a carpenter was at the train station on Thursday morning to measure up the large door that leads into the ticket office.

Turns out the old door – installed approximately 80 years ago – is showing signs of rot. The frame, too.

A new door will be constructed by hand off-site. Installation is planned for next week, knock on wood. The old door’s knob, locks and hooks will be transferred to the new door.

It is hoped the old door can be kept and put on display…

Who do you think has passed through this old door, on their way to buy tickets for a train ride?


There is no word yet on when the bench at the bottom of the footbridge will be re-installed, though. It was removed for safety reasons at the end of April.

Work has not yet begun on the promised renovation of the flat above the ticket office, nor on any extension to the car park.

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