Whitchurch may soon have another 24-hour ATM cash machine, if Tesco’s application to install one at their Winchester Street store is approved. Councillor Keith Watts had previously written to Tesco to suggest they provide a machine.

They have now applied to the Basingstoke Planning Department (BDB72955) to install one where the existing disabled parking bay is situated. This bay will then be relocated to the bay adjacent to the post box. The ATM will also be protected by four anti-ram raid bollards.

The proposed location - an ATM enclosure will be constructed.

News on ATMs has had much coverage in Whitchurch since the Save the Bank campaign over the successful retention of HSBC ATM, led by the Town Council and local residents. This also brought the spotlight onto the town with the claims that the HSBC machine is the UK’s, if not the world’s, lowest!

Whitchurch has also suffered from a lack of reliability in the other machines, when three were recently all out of action at same time. Even earlier this week one of these was again not working.

Proposed disabled parking bay

A spokesperson for a local business hailed the availability of a new machine with a twinkle of the eye, saying that “it would enable customers to get their money to spend more easily!