Here is the monthly update for March including the recent survey results

Priority 1 – You Said – Ensure drivers keep to the speed limits in and out of entrances to Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Priors

We Did

PCSO Wendy EAGLESTONE has completed speed enforcement at the entrances to Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Priors.

There has been a summons for court issued to a member of the public for speeding. One vehicle has been seized for having no insurance or road tax. There have been four damage only road traffic collisions 2 in London Road, Kingsley Park and Winchester Street.

Priority 2 – You Said – Engage with the young people and tackling under age drinking and anti Social Behaviour in Whitchurch

We Did

There has been nine reports of anti-social behaviour in March that relate to juvenile nuisance the same as in February. These have been in the locations of Winchester Street where large groups were gathering, Winchester Road, The Knowlings, Newbury Street, Church Street, The Weir and London Street.

PCSO Wendy EAGLESTONE continues to patrol these areas regularly in association with the Community Safety Patrol officers especially on a Friday evening.

In February`s report we stated that there had been a large influx of youths in Whitchurch who had been making a nuisance of themselves in the areas mentioned above especially on a Friday evening. In March we have had a meeting with The Whitchurch Youth Project Committee who have agreed that all parents if they wish to do so can check the Youth Club records to see if their children are attending. A full assembly was held at Testbourne School advising youths of their expected behaviour and a letter was sent to all parents advising them what was discussed at the assembly and that if youths make a nuisance of themselves on the street then we will be contacting parents to come and collect them. For those that continue to be a nuisance we will be looking at introducing Anti Social Behaviour Contracts.

We have also asked shops in Whitchurch not to sell ‘Kick, Red Bull or any other stimulation drinks to youths under 16 on Friday evenings. This has been brought to our attention by the Youth Project and the fact that it increases the youths hyperactivity.

We are hoping that by us all working together, the Police, Parents, Testbourne School, the Youth Project and local shops that we can put a stop to nuisance behaviour.

Priority 3 -You Said – Prevent Criminal Damage in Whitchurch.

We Did

There are been no reports of criminal damage in the month of March

Patrols on foot and in a patrol vehicle are continuing

Crime update

There has been 21 reported crimes in the three Parishes in March.

17 in Whitchurch

Attempted break in to a garage, nothing taken, no entry gained.
Theft x 5 ( mobile phone, washing machine,underwear, drain cover, battery)
Theft from Motor Vehicle x 5 (Batteries and leads, diesel from 2x vehicles on A34, front and rear number plate from one car, front plate from another )
Damage to Motor Vehicle on the A34
Burglary other x 2 ( break to filling station, attempt to steal cigarettes unsuccessful, laptop stolen from Brockenhurst )
Other x 3

3 in St Mary Bourne

Assault x 2 ( one domestic assault )
Theft of two straddlestone tops in Stoke

1 in Hurstbourne Priors

Burglary other from barn

Any other news and issues

A Neighbourhood Panel met on 17th March to discuss the community priorities for the remainder of this year. This involved members from each town and parish councils, neighbourhood watch, local shops, the Police and local school. It was decided by the panel , looking at the responses from the ‘Your Voice Counts’ and the crime figures that the current first and second priorites would remain the same but the third priority would be changed from criminal damage to burglary other ( breaks to sheds and garagrs )

Wendy has also completed beat surgeries in Whitchurch on 22nd March and St Marybourne on 5th March. This will continue throughout the year and the dates are on the Hampshire Constabulary website.

The dates for April are 2nd April 2011 at St Mary Bourne Recreation Ground from 10.00 – 12.00 midday and 12th April 2011 at The Whitchurch Town Hall from 3- 4pm

A Whitchurch and Hurstbourne Priors Neighbourhood Watch meeting for current coordinators took place at The White Hart in Whitchurch on 22nd March.

As you are aware from last month`s report we are looking at enhancing the Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Whitchurch and Wendy has been mail dropping properties in Caesars Way, Park View, Mcfauld Way, Rampton Road and Cherry Orchard. As a result of the replies received which were between 30-40 a meeting was held on 31st March again at The White Hart. Unfortunately, only five people made it to initial meeting, thank you to those who attended. We will continue to do more work to enhance the scheme.

Sgt Martin CULLIS and myself attended the Mayors Reception and Presentation of Annual Community Awards on Wednesday 30th March. Thank you to the Mayor for the kind invite.

Kindest Regards,

Paula and Wendy

PC 787 Paula Deery and PCSO Wendy Eaglestone
Safer Neighbourhoods Team
For the parishes of Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne & Stoke, Binley,The Wykes, Hurstbourne Priors & Tufton.

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