The Neighbourhood Plan took a step forward on Wednesday evening when the Steering Group was enhanced by a number of willing volunteers.

Several local residents have stepped forward to assist on what will become a plan for the future of the town. Assistance to take leading roles on such aspects as IT, business, industry and heritage were all offered. Specialist advice and help on town planning, administration, graphics, and database support were also forthcoming.

Good liaison is in place with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and there has been contact with local landowners.
Those present heard that the Plan’s administrative “infrastructure was in place and that the group now needs to implement important tasks”.

Funding streams have been looked at, and support organisations contacted, a website is in progress, and further public consultation is in the pipeline.

Meetings are to be held every two weeks with the group’s ‘Terms of Reference’ and ‘A Vision for Whitchurch’ to be amongst the agenda items for the next.

A prime purpose will be to determine where residents would prefer the 200 houses allocated in the Local Plan for Neighbourhood planning are to be located.

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  • Keith Watts

    I am concerned that so few of the volunteers live in Whitchurch. The answer is not to oppose participation by people from the surrounding Parishes but for more Whitchurch folk to come forward.

  • David George

    Just to add some detail to Keith’s comments which could give the wrong impression.

    The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee consists of 11 elected member of which 8 live in the Parish. One member runs a major international business based in Whitchurch but lives in Overton and two live no more than a mile outside the Parish Boundary and consider Whitchurch to be their home Town.

    All members meet the criteria clearly set out at the volunteers meeting. We welcome the skills and time they offer but would welcome others who have the skills and commitment to help prepare the Neighbourhood Plan in service of their Community.

  • Allan Vaughan

    Whilst I appreciate Keith’s sentiment I applaud the fact that people working within Whitchurch or living close to Whitchurch also want to be involved with the Neighbourhood Plan. This to me shows true community spirit in its wider sense.
    Allan Vaughan

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