Here is the monthly update for December 2010 and January 2011 from Paula and Wendy:

You Said:
Ensure drivers keep to the speed limits in and out of entrances to Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Priors.

We Did:
PCSO Wendy EAGLESTONE has completed speed enforcement at the entrances to Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne Priors.
There has been no reports of speeding tickets issued during the month of December and January but a ticket was issued for no seatbelt.

Two persons were arrested and charged with drink driving on New Years Eve and one vehicle was seized as the driver had no insurance and he was reported for summons.

You Said:
Engage with the young people and tackling under age drinking and anti Social Behaviour in Whitchurch.

We Did:
There has been five reports of anti-social behaviour in December compared to eight in November. These have been in the locations of Hillside, Wells Lane, Alliston Way and The Knowlings. Four of these calls were related to snowballs being thrown.

In January there were two reports of anti social behaviour in Micheldever Road and Bell Street.

PCSO Wendy EAGLESTONE continues to patrol these areas regularly.

You Said:
Prevent Criminal Damage in Whitchurch.

We Did:
There has been only no reports of criminal damage in December or January.
Patrols on foot and in a patrol vehicle are continuing.



There has been 13 reported crimes in the three Parishes in December:

9 in Whitchurch
Burglary to a garage x4
Theft – Shoplifting x2 ( female arrested and issued fixed penalty notice for one of the thefts)
Assault x 2 ( male arrested and charged for both )
Burglary to a Dwelling -1

2 in St Mary Bourne
Theft from Motor Vehicle – 1( Attempt to steal fuel)
Theft ( Male arrested and reprimanded)

2 in Hurstbourne Priors
Burglary other x2 ( Garages broken into)

There has been 18 reported crimes in the three parishes in January 2011:

11 in Whitchurch
Burglary to seven garages in Daniel Road and Mcfauld Way. Investigations are ongoing to apprehend the offenders.
Theft ( shoplifting ) x2
Assault – 1
Theft – 1

3 in St Mary Bourne
Theft x 3 ( of fuel, a watch and saddlestones )

4 in Hurstbourne Priors
Burglary of garages x 2
Theft of logs
Theft from motor vehicle.


PCSO Wendy EAGLESTONE has completed joint patrols with the Community Safety Patrol Officer Scott Buchan.

Wendy has also completed beat surgeries in Whitchurch and St Mary Bourne.
This will continue throughout the year and the dates are on the Hampshire Constabulary website.
The dates for February are:
5th February 2011 in St Mary Bourne Recreation Ground from 10.00 – 12.00 midday and
22nd February 2011 at The Whitchurch Town Hall from 3- 4pm.

Whitchurch Scouts visited the Police Station for a tour and a chat.

New Years Eve went well on the beat with no reported incidents of note.

We would like to thank all the Whitchurch residents who assisted with the abnormal load that came through Whitchurch on five occasions in January and on 1st February 2011 by moving your cars so that the road was clear for the load to be escorted through Whitchurch safely without any major problems.

In the last two weeks there have been a number of breaks to garages in the Whitchurch area of Daniel Road and McFauld Way and Tufton. Can you please be extra vigilant in these areas. Police enquiries are ongoing into the breaks.

Crime prevention advice to garage and shed owners:

* Make sure your garage or shed is fitted with a good strong lock, padlock, door hinges or other security device.
* Ensure that glass in any windows to garages or sheds is secure and that you have window locks fitted if appropriate. You could consider putting up curtains to prevent anyone seeing the contents of your garage or shed.
* Do not store large quantities of valuables in your garage.
* Large items can be padlocked together or you could sink a post into the floor of the garage or shed and padlock any items to that post.
* If your garage is not in regular use, ensure that you visit it regularly to check for any signs of damage, or ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on it.
* If you rent your garage, check with your landlord for permission before making any changes to the property.
* Consider security lighting if appropriate.
* Check with your insurance company that you are covered for items stored in your garage or shed.
* Fit a battery operated alarm and mark your property to enable it to be returned should it be stolen and recovered.


Should anyone wish to speak to us please contact the main switchboard number 0845 045 45 45 or you can call the Police Enquiry Centre by calling the new ‘non-emergency’ number: 101.

Alternatively you can contact the team by e-mailing:

Southern Crimestoppers
Should you wish to speak to the Police anonymously; you can call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

Kindest Regards,
Paula and Wendy
PC 787 Paula Deery and PCSO Wendy Eaglestone
Safer Neighbourhoods Team
For the parishes of Whitchurch, St Mary Bourne & Stoke, Binley, The Wykes, Hurstbourne Priors, and Tufton.

Contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 0845 045 45 45,

via Email on
or online using the postcode search search at HAMPSHIRE POLICE.