HGVs 12Following the last article there was considerable discussion on this site’s associated social media (Facebook) account and one local resident agreed to provide an article.

Here is the new article.
It raises some interesting points.

Large HGV’s in Whitchurch – could there be some restrictions?

This comment was posted on the Whitchurch Hants Hampshire Facebook page (Edit: it was an article cross-posted from here) along with a photo of the centre of town gridlocked by lorries.

Passionate responses
It certainly provoked some passionate responses with comments about lorries becoming stuck in small roads, causing damage to other vehicles and speeding especially in London Road. It was suggested that parked cars throughout the town were the obstructions and should be removed, despite them slowing the traffic, if that was to be implemented where would residents park? If HGV’s were restricted how would Whitchurch shops receive their goods?
Other comments were made about general use of the roads by all drivers especially in view of the increased traffic from new housing, and what more could be done to enforce the 20mph speed limit.

HGVs 09Are HGVs a necessary evil?
Therefore, are HGV’s a necessary evil which should be tolerated for the survival of the town’s businesses and residents?
Not so say some of the businesses, whose deliveries are restricted by tough health & safety risk assessments with no HGV’s allowed in the town centre.

So why are HGV’s using the town centre?
Sat Navs and accidents on the A34 will on occasions route traffic through Whitchurch however, on interviewing an HGV driver stuck in London Street he was very clear:

it’s a short cut and as there are no weight restrictions on this road.
I have every right to be here’

HGV’s are also taking their rest breaks in laybys on the Newbury road north of Whitchurch. The quickest way to access and exit this area is through Whitchurch town centre.

HGVs 11So, what can be done?
Many county councils work closely with the police, local residents and businesses to find solutions, and what has been effective is having weight restriction notices on roads where HGV’s can get stuck.

If Whitchurch residents are serious about reducing the numbers of HGV’s using the town centre whilst still allowing the town to flourish and residents to park, then there are solutions.


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