Workers installed cabling under the pavement of Whitchurch from the town centre to the Parish Hall on August 1 starting around midnight.

The town website has received an update from BT – after repeated requests – on the progress of their rollout of the Race-To-Infinity fibre broadband service, which the town won 2 and half years ago (see HERE).

Note that the fault found in Litchfield may explain why people there are experiencing lower than promised rates (see this LETTER that we received recently).

The Whitchurch town centre area and Ardglen industrial estate are to be served by the “FTTP “and “EO” service, which appears to have fallen even further behind schedule.

Last week, there were reports of considerable noise along London Street around midnight on August 1. Two crews in unmarked white vans were seen installing what looked to be cabling under the pavement.

BT state:

The cabinets on London Street, Winchester Road, Church Street, Fairfield and Hurstbourne Priors are live and orders are being placed.

The cabinet in Litchfield has been completed from a build perspective and it’s been passed through to be commissioned, unfortunately however the DSLAM has been found to have severe internal corrosion and the cabinet is being replaced.

A new location has been agreed for the cabinet in Freefolk Priors and planning permission is being applied for at the moment.

The FTTP network has now been fully cabled with sub duct and blown fibre tubing and FTTP engineers are building the network and we estimate this will be completed in the next 4 weeks.

EO build is in progress and we estimate this will be completed in the next 8 weeks .

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  • Kevin

    I live in Bicester Close.
    Will fibre come into the house or is it just fibre to the cabinet and last hop using existing poor quality alumininum cables ?
    BT dug a trench into the road on the pavement a few months back and put in an hole cover.

  • Russell

    The ‘Race-to-Infinity’ fibre broadband that Whitchurch ‘won’ was clearly a PR exercise. BT have consistently failed to deliver a fibre broadband service to Whitchurch. All we get are excuses and no information on timescales.

    If the Government are looking to BT to provide a broadband service to keep the UK competitive with the rest of the world then it ain’t going to happen.

    This vitally important task should be taken from BT and given to an organisation that can deliver on service and timescales.

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