Pauline Choppen and the basket outside Serenity.

A blaze of colour should greet visitors to the town centre later this summer, as local shopkeepers have added hanging baskets to the streetscene. A few more weeks of this lovely weather and the flowers should start blooming.

Making shopping pleasurable
This is part of the shopkeepers’ plans to attract more trade for their businesses – a pleasant environment makes shopping much more pleasurable and increases that all important ‘footfall’.

Why travel to distant towns when you can shop locally?

Ten baskets around the town
Organised by Pauline Choppen from her bridal shop in Church Street with the help of Jane Keelan of Kingsley Financial and support from the other shops, ten hanging baskets have been placed around the centre, with a hope for more to come.

Hanging baskets will soon be blooming.

The baskets around the Square also join the small potted trees that are now along Church Street.

Looking forward to the Jubilee
The shops are also now starting to decorate their windows for the forthcoming Jubilee holiday with red, white, and blue being the order of the day. Several have special plans over the weekend with raffles, outside stalls and tombolas and will also be taking the opportunities presented by the road closure for Rockus music festival with stalls.

Another initiative is for ‘special feature articles’ on Whitchurch traders in the local press, so keep your eyes out over the next few weeks.

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